From the Author

Golf Swing From The Ground Up" is a thorough instructional golf book, designed to inspire and help every golfer reach their highest potential. It was written with all playing levels in mind, ​there are numerous pictures throughout the book to assist in understanding the fundamentals of the swing, as well as the mental aspects.

The book was separated into individual, and progressive chapters designed to build your swing from the ground up! It covers every aspect of the sport, from the basic fundamentals to the mental side of the game. Golf was meant to be FUN!

My intentions in writing this book were to help make the game enjoyable, by helping the reader understand how it all works. After reading this book, you will have a greater understanding of the game and how it's played. Additionally, you will become self-sufficient, enabling you to "PRACTICE WITH PURPOSE."

Understanding how to recover from adversity is very important, because it keeps you in the game. Understanding cause and effect, will allow you to cope with irregular situations, which ultimately determines the outcome on your scorecard.


  • ​Golf History
  • The Beauty of Golf
  • The Essence of Golf
  • Introduction of Golf
  • The Grip
  • Posture
  • Ball Position
  • Alignment
  • Ball Flight Laws
  • Weight Distribution
  • Pre-Shot Routine
  • Swing Mechanics
  • Rhythm
  • Course Management
  • Side - Up - Downhill Shots
  • Scoring Zone - 50 Yards & In
  • Chipping and Pitching
  • Bunker / Sand Play
  • Putting
  • Hybrids
  • Balance & Tension Drills
  • Practicing with Purpose
  • One Handed Swing Drills
  • How to Buy Equipment
  • Maintaining Equipment
  • Power
  • Keeping Statistics
  • Customizing a Golf Lesson

The photos take you through the entire swing, explaining the components, how to perform each segment, and what to look for. The pictures also make it easier to understand the text, while removing the translational factor.